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Victorian Conservatory


Victorian Conservatory, a very popular conservatory shape, shaped like a pound coin with corners cut off.

Why choose a Victorian Conservatory?

The Victorian gives you a little more style than other types and replicates the modern hexagon style shape. Rounded features are the benefits from this type on conservatory.

Do I need Building Regulations or Planning Permission?

This depends on size, position, whether its separated etc. We have an experienced team that work to obtain all certification if required and work closely with the building control team.

Do these conservatories get hot in summer?

Yes they do, but we have special glass that reflects heat.

It was in 2003 that the Celsius range came to market taking conservatory glass to a new level of increased performance and industry standard.

The complete range offers a U-value not exceeding 1.0 and high UV protection of up to 94% resulting in the range of Celsius Elite, Celsius One and Celsius Clear leading the market providing glazing to meet the majority of situations for both frames and roofs.

Celsius One

Celsius One sets the standard in conservatory performance glass.

The combination of performance and the blue tint adds to the appearance of your new conservatory and you will discover you will be more comfortable and therefore be able to use your conservatory for longer periods during cooler weather than if you had used another blue glass or standard glass.

Celsius One will undoubtedly make you change both the way and when you use your new conservatory.

Celsius Elite

Celsius Elite is the Rolls Royce of performance glazing for conservatories with its strong blue colour bringing out colours in your garden without the room becoming darker. From outside the tint is more obvious providing a feeling of warmth and cosiness to the conservatory. The Celsius Elite is the preferred choice for a south facing exposed conservatory to provide better comfort.

Celsius Clear

Celsius Clear is ideal for the frames of the conservatory being an excellent alternative to that of cleat standard glass.