Absolute Window Co

uPVC Windows

uPVC windows are thermally efficient.

Our system features an advance multi chambered cross section which helps to prevent heat loss and enhance thermal efficiency.

This means we can create windows that meet the highest energy efficiency ratings.

Windows that make the grade

Window energy ratings are a simple, clear and easily understood method of informing customers of the relative energy efficiency of s particular window.


Windows are rated (A++ —— G) scale which is consistent with other products such as light bulbs.

Whats the best rating for me?

An A++ rating signifies the most energy-efficient product. and a G rating is the least efficient.

Whats the current building regulations on ratings?

Current building regulations require minimum of a ‘C’ rating. Our windows can be designed to achieve any rating on this scale, according to your needs and budget.


Comfortable Homes with lower running cost

Windows have a vital role to play in conserving energy in buildings these days, since 20% of heat escapes from an average home and its lost through the windows.

Choosing the right combination of glazing and frame is essential to improve efficiencies.

Recycled materials

Our windows represent a genuine sustainable option, as a result they help reduce CO2 emissions, but also because uPVC is fully recyclable material. Each year tens of thousands of tonnes of uPVC are recycled, minimising impact on landfill waste site.

Good for your pocket

Conserving energy in our homes is essential to help reduce energy bills and protect the environment by cutting carbon emissions. The fact that our homes and buildings are responsible for almost half of the UKs carbon dioxide emissions mean improving energy efficiency in all dwellings is top priority for the government and homeowners alike.

Protect your property

Your windows play a crucial role in securing your home against unwanted intruders. In addition to being secure they need to be robust and durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use – as well as everything the British weather can throw at them.