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Doors - The look and style of your home say a lot about you. Doors and windows are a prominent feature on any property and really dictate the character of your home.
As well as creating a first impression for visitors, they play a cruicial role in weather-proofing, insulating and securing your property.

High Quality Products

Installing high-quality PVCu doors and windows is the best value home improvement you can make. At a stroke you can improve the appearance, energy efficiency and security of your home – all at an affordable price.

High-security system

Our PVCu products are durable and robust, giving long-life, low-maintenance performance, with no need for painting or other treatments.

They are fitted with high security locking mechanisms too as standard. This gives you the peace of mind that your home is well protected against intruders.

Colour-match guarantee

Because all our frames are produced from the same manufacturer Eurocell we can assure you that all colours are exactly matched. Whites are the same across all our products including woodgrain finishes.

No matter what age, style or size of your property, we can create high quality products to enhance your home.

Energy efficient design

The multi-chambered frame designs deliver exceptional energy efficiency for our products. This helps to keep your home warm and comfortable all year round, as well as reducing your energy consumption.

Because our slim frames also allow the area of glass in frames to be optimised, this maximises the amount of natural light within your home.

A question of aesthetics

Because of the styling of our uPVC products includes a slimmer frame, giving a sleek, unobtrusive appearance and maximising the same area of glass in your frames.

That means more natural light in your home and a cleaner view of the outdoors for you.