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Modern Conservatory these are the latest fashion conservatories on the market at the moment.

They have evolved from the basic designs to extension like buildings extending kitchens into kitchen/dining/social rooms. They include the modern bi-folding doors usually in grey being the “in colour”. Skylites are also a favourite of modern designs or even solid or orangery time roofs, keeping the sun out and making them cooler in the summer.


Why are modern conservatories popular?

When speaking to clients, most like the idea of open space, like kitchens being social rooms or even garden rooms, they want to open up their kitchen to the garden.?


do these type of conservatories require building regulations or planning permission?

The rules are the same as any other type of conservatory, the regulations depend on whether you keep the conservatory separate from the main dwelling.

Are they more expensive?

No, not really, the more brickwork/building work will increase prices but on the whole they are very competitive, a lot cheaper than a typical extension.

Will the conservatories be warm in winter?

Most conservatories these days are warmer in winter and cooler in summer due to the thermal barrier within the glass units and multi chambered window frames. Glass as injected with certain gases that insulated the air space. Due to the insulation properties within the roof space or even special glass designed to keep heat out the conservatory becomes cooler in summer.


Can modern conservatories be any colour?

There are many ways to colour your uPVC frames etc these days using modern supplies. We can spray the frames to any RAL colour or you can have the frames foiled (this must be on new frames only) before being manufactured into frames. Existing frames can be coloured using special paints designed for uPVC.