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Hybrid Roofing System

Affordable, easy and quick

Hybrid roofing system is a new method of insulating conservatory roofs, warm in the winter and cool in the summer at a fraction of a new roof.

Use existing roof

The hybrid system uses your original roof structure, insulates the frames from inside using the very latest in lightweight insulation blanket. (used in NASA and aviation) then cladded in a very lightweight upvc maintenance free cladding.


Why take out the glass?

No need to take out the glass, the integrity of the roof is not compromised in any way.

5% Vat

VAT is only charged at 5%, because you use your existing roof, no new roof to install, no mess to contend with, no waiting for the sun to shine. All installed from the inside and completed within 2 days.

Added Weight

Minimal amount of weight is added to the roof, unlike some systems that add weight from heavy insulation and the wrong upvc cladding. Cladding that is made for walls rather than lightweight ceiling cladding.

Energy Saving Insulated Conservatory Roofing

It’s a shame that most people who invest in a conservatory find that they struggle to keep it warm in the winter and to keep it cool in the heat of the summer months.

Our Insulated Conservatory Roofing Solution makes all these negatives a thing of the past…

Is an insulated conservatory roof expensive?

Not considering the life-long return and the more use you will get out of your conservatory. Also, compared to many alternative roof modifications, our Insulated Conservatory Roofing Solution is much more cost effective.

Will I get less light into the conservatory after you have insulated my conservatory roof?

You will undoubtedly get less direct sunlight when the sun is directly above. With the white cladding the light will reflect around the conservatory. However, your conservatory should retain sufficient light through the side windows which will be comparable to a standard solid roof extension. The key benefit is that you will get far less glare from the overhead sun, keeping it cooler in the Summer. And be able to enjoy the conservatory more than you ever did before.